We advise using a cuticle oil every day to keep nails nourished, stimulate growth and prevent lifting. It's especially important to do this in winter months when the nail may be weaker due to the cold weather.

JN NAILS always recommends wearing rubber gloves when doing household or gardening tasks. Things like harsh chemicals or prolonged water submerging can cause nails to lift.

We recommend washing hands thoroughly if you have been using sunscreen, insect repellents or been in chlorine.

Make sure to return to your salon for regular nail maintenance, or removal. Always follow the advice given to you by nail technician closely.


It's very important that intense heat is avpided in the 24 hours after your treatment. For example hot baths or showers, sunbeds and saunas are a no- go. They may cause the gel to lift.

Avoid using your nails as a tool e.g to open boxes, letters, or unscrew things. This can lead to the gel cracking and eventually coming off.

Picking or peeling gel off can damage your natural nail. If you notice corners lifting, we recommend booking a repair with your technician.

We suggest that all users avoid filing nails or pushing cuticles back, this can cause the seal of the gel to lift and lead to chipping.